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The vision comes from within. And if there is one space perfectly designed to free your mind, it is the flagship of Bentley: the ultimate expression of performance and luxury.
Bentley offers peerless comfort, exquisitely handcrafted to create a unique environment; one in which time on the road becomes time to think. This is a car that makes the joy of driving its central focus; whether you are behind the wheel or as a passenger, every journey is an event.
Within its sumptuous interior time can seem to stand still, for this is a Bentley laced with power; enabling its occupants to drive, relax, converse and enjoy themselves in impeccable style, at remarkable speeds.
A four-door that offers space and freedom; a sumptuous and spacious Grand Tourer with the heart and soul of the best sedan in the world, offering high levels of comfort. Only Available in Venice, Rome & Pescara



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F Luxury Car2

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