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The new 2013 Mercedes E-Class is now better looking and more efficient than ever, with excellent specifications (an amazing technology in equipment and safety, put it at the forefront of its category). It is a well-balanced sedan, serious and powerful in appearance

The vehicle draws many similarities to the Mercedes S-Class (leather seats, independently-controlled rear climate-control, GPS and Bluetooth) but it is a smaller vehicle, offering less rear leg room.
E Class is a high class executive saloon; is a nice place to be and it all feels well screwed together with nice touches such as an analogue clock in the centre of the dashboard.
As you’d expect, the fit and finish is flawless, while the materials are all top notch.
Also available* in this category:
- Audi A6
- BMW 5 Series
- Lancia Thema
* Please check with our Booking Office which vehicles are available for your destination






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