Athens Airport City Centre
  1. Mercedes S Class€ 265
  2. Mercedes Viano€ 295
Minimum hire time 4.00 hours
  1. Mercedes S Class€ 105
  2. Mercedes Viano€ 120

Rates may vary according to hours required and distance travelled. Please contact Elite Limousines for an accurate quote to your requirements. All rates are inclusive of chauffeur gratuity and fuel surcharge. Other transfer rates are available on request. Additional Information - Please note all rates are indicative. For an accurate quote, please contact Elite Limousines on +39 347 6428915. Surcharges may apply according to time of day, day of the week, local public holidays or special events, please check at time of booking. Indicative rates quoted may vary according to currency fluctuations and do not include waiting time, parking, tolls or telephone charges. All time based journeys will be charged by the hour from the time the vehicle leaves the local office to the time it returns. Further terms and conditions may apply, please see our terms and conditions page below for details.


Athens, the capital of Greece has been the political, cultural and economic centre of the country for over three thousand years. The global influence of the city’s classical architecture, philosophy and politics has led it to be dubbed “the Cradle of Western Civilization” and Tristar Worldwide is proud to be a part of Athens with the provision of our excellent chauffeur services. The city’s ancient heritage is still very much in evidence, making Athens one of the leading centres of archaeological research. Visitors to the city will benefit from a good sightseeing tour, which should take in the numerous iconic classical landmarks that the city has to offer, such as the Acropolis and Parthenon, in addition to Roman and Byzantine monuments. As the birthplace of democracy, the Olympics and home to Plato’s Academy and Aristotle’s Lyceum, Athens has a very deep and rich ancient past to explore, but don’t be afraid to abandon the past for the present: the city has an excellent nightlife, with plenty of bars, clubs and restaurants to enjoy.

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